Lace mending fiasco, take 1.

This is fiddly fiddly work.   I’ve got everything set up on the table,  a shop light set up so I can see well,  a dark back ground set up,  and I’ve tried and failed one mending technique (drop the stitch involved, remove beads, pick it up,  drop the proper stitch, replace beads, re-pick up).        The yarn overs make it to tricky.

So I moved onto mending technique two — put in a life line over the section that needs repaired,   drop the stitches across that section, and re-knit.   I used a small long circular as the life line,   picked up the row I need to drop back too  (16 rows back, horror!),  and dropped out the stitches across the section.     That all worked well.

Then I started re-knitting,  and kept having count errors,  until I realized I was looking at the wrong row on one half.    Then I corrected the count errors,  and got to the end and realized I still had a great lot of unused yarn that had come out of the row,   but not disappeared back into it.

That could be a real problem,  if it happens again.   It turns out I was re-knitting on a size 2 needle what had originally been knit on a size 6,  so my hope is that one I re-knit using the correct needle,  I won’t have the great lot of yarn left over.

So,  I need to pull back the one row I’ve mended mostly correctly,  and re- knit it again.

And to top it all off,  in the middle of all this my camera died,  so I can even show you what it looks like.   *sigh*


One thought on “Lace mending fiasco, take 1.

  1. Oh, sigh! bless you for going to all that work! It speaks of perfectionism – precision and the determination to get it RIGHT! Good for you. Truly a grandchild of your grandfather. God love you, Mom

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