Lace mending, illustrated.

Over night, batteries recharged,  and I was able to get the photos off my camera.    The lace mending is going pretty well now,  having figured out what it is I need to do and how.    Still awfully fiddly though.

Here’s the set up:   Bright lights,  dark fabric over the the cushion,   so I can pin the shawl down as need and still be able to see it.   That dark fabric?  One of my shirts.


The first thing I tried was just isolating the stitch with the misplaced beads, dropping those stitches, and then picking them up again.

Here’s the stitch isolated and ready to drop:

Then I pick up the stitches, drop the stitches that that the beads should be on, put in the beads, and pick it all back up again.

That looks like this, aka lousy:

Clearly no good — there’s an obvious jog in the bead line, and the stitches the beads had been on didn’t pick up well.

The next tactic is similiar — run a life line through all the stitches of the section involved in the error, and drop all the stitches down to the life line.

When done, that looks like this:

I now have a fear of tangles bordering on the traumatic.

At this point, what I am doing is going back to the chart, and just re-knitting each row that I dropped, using the corresponding loop of yarn. It’s working pretty well.

Now it looks like this:

Pretty good, pretty good. The only slight problem is some laddering down the sides of the re-knit section.

See, laddering:


This I’ll have to fix after all the re-knitting is done, by going along with a crochet hook and jollying the extra yarn along until it is evenly redistributed along the rows I’ve had to rework.

Now, I only have this section to finished, and the second error site to pick up and do, and I’ll be back to regular knitting.


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