Good, bad, and ugly.

A teeny tiny computer!
A teeny tiny laptop computer for me!   Now I can play solitaire in bed and at the coffee shop, and anywhere I want.   It is cute, and tiny, and blue,  and almost as powerful as my desktop pc.  😐

An ugly mistake.
Finding an error in the wedding shawl.   The beads are out of place,  and need to be moved.  Right now they have skewed off the center line of the scallops,  and if I blocked it that way it would look all wonky.  This I can fix by dropping out the wrong stitches, pulling the beads off,  picking the dropped stitches back up,  drop out the right stitches, place the beads correctly, and pick up the new stitches.

A bad thing to find.
Dropped stitches in the wedding shawl.   This I haven’t figured out how to fix yet.  I’m afraid it might involve ripping back.


4 thoughts on “Good, bad, and ugly.

  1. It is so beautiful…. I hope you don’t have to frog, you have nothing to lose trying to fix it without ripping, but if you do have to rip, it will be worth it! Please let us know how you make the repair.

  2. I have a teeny tiny notebook too and I LOVE it — I use it to write on the train, and in bed, and everywhere else. That it cost a fraction of a new laptop just increases my pleasure. But mine is white and I must say the blue is quite fetching! xoxo

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