On this day..

The first Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia.


The first Labor Day parade was held in NYC.


Johnny Cash released I Walk the Line


Freddie Mercury was born.


The PBS show The MacNeil/Lehrer Report premiered – it was the first hourlong news show.


Jack Kerouac published On the Road.


I got married.

Pics 021
Today is our 9th anniversary. 9/5/1998


5 thoughts on “On this day..

  1. Happy anniversary! Let’s see…Freddie Mercury sang “You’re my Best Friend” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Either of those apply to the marriage?? Hopefully not “I’m in Love With my Car”!

  2. Definitely “You’re my Best Friend”. I met dasHusband when I was 16 and he was 18, and for years we were both busy dating other people and commiserating with one another. It took three years before we got the bright idea that maybe we should date each other.

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