Thrift shop treasure.

Our local Habitat for Humanity organization has opened up a ReStore — they re-sell some of the household goods and construction materials that are donated to them. It supports their operations, and provides a nice place to shop for all kinds of stuff (breadmakers for ten bucks, for example).

They have a small and badly organized book section, where I snagged this stack o’ books today. 50 cents a book. The bodum press was two bucks, and I am looking forward to french pressed coffee!

Books 001


3 thoughts on “Thrift shop treasure.

  1. I love ’em — when I was with the EGA we used to stitch “home sweet home” samplers for Habitat. I’m a little iffy about our local groups religiosity — they seem more evangelical then the Habitat groups in other places I’ve lived — but it’s a worthwhile charity, and as long as they don’t start applying a religious test to the people they help, I’ll keep supporting them.

  2. oh that is a great organization!
    great loot too.
    I love the Hitchcock book, “Stories to Stay Awake By”! oh I do believe I have that Ngaio Marsh book on my stacks somewhere!

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