dasHat, take two.

You may recall that in dasHat, take one, I managed to knit a simply beautiful green hat that my husband thought was too small.

I did not have this problem with dasHat, take two. And since my husband, who is the one who will wear this hat, does not think take two is too large, who am I to argue with him?

None the less, it remains my humble opinion that this is a very large hat.

DasHat 007

This is knit in Ironstone Yarns Harmony – a 100% wool single ply bulky yarn, on size 9 needles. The recommended needle is a size 11, but dasHusband wanted a pretty windproof hat, so I downsized for a tighter knit. No particular pattern – just a plain ribbed hat. I played around with decreases that would preserve the ribbing, and did okay – I had to rip out the top of the hat once to avoid a wizard hat kind of look. Or too much of a wizard hat kind of look, anyways.

He loves it.

Though it doesn’t show well in the photos, there is a percentage of golden fiber in this yarn which is simply dazzling when the sun hits it. It’s a pretty yarn, and knits up nicely and well but seems pretty delicate – it was trying to felt itself in my knitting bag, which considering how quickly this knit up is something. It did not frog well either – again, very feltprone.

I tried a new seaming technique on this – a slip stitch crochet seam, since I did not think there was any real possibility this yarn would take well to being threaded through a needle. It came out well – the table shot of the hat is seam side up, and it’s not too noticeable at all.  dasHusband can’t see it all, even when he’s got the hat in hand. He’s not a knitter.


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