dasHat, take one.

A plain green ribbed hat. k2, p2 ribbing, in Galway Highland Heather, size five needles.


I forgot to take into account how much the ribbing would pull in when I did the math to size/design this, and I need to figure out how to adjust the depth of the hat and decreases so it has a decent brim. dasHusband’s verdict: Okay, if I don’t fold up a brim, and pull it really far down.

I knew something was going awry when I started the decreases and realized I was still on the first skein of yarn – my nifty little yardage booklet suggested I’d need twice as much yarn for this hat as I used, and I’ll bet that if I had put the pattern together correctly, I would have. I’ll pick up another skein of the yarn, and give this another go here before too long.


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