A red scarf.

Based on Tim’s Scarf. The farrow rib stitch is very interesting, and will work up quickly.

Red Scarf

I would apologize for this being a bad photo, but the yarn really is that indistinct. A quality of being acrylic, I would guess.


2 thoughts on “A red scarf.

  1. Ah, just the thing I need for my nephew’s scarf. Thanks for the reference. As for your photo, it’s the red. Red is very difficult to photograph for some reason. I find that direction lighting from just the left OR right is very helpful so I set my camera to “action” which turns off the flash and then I put a lamp to one side. One other tip is to try different backgrounds that contrast to your subject, a light grey is good for red. The scarf looks just lovely!

  2. Thanks for the photo tips! I’ll give them a try next time I photograph this. This pattern really does hum along – I was able to put another ten inches on the scarf while watching Phantom of the Opera last night.

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