In which Anna is bedeviled by needle sizes.

On my to-do list the day before yesterday was “Cast on Silvanus back”. I pulled out a skein of rosemary Telemark, a pair of size eight straight needles (remember this bit) , checked the pattern, cast on 83 stitchs, checked the pattern again and realized that it called for size 7 needles.

Not being one to waste an accurate cast on, and figuring that it’s not a big deal if my cast on row is a size larger, I open my needle case to get out the size 7 circular I knit the front on. It’s not there. I ponder this for a moment, and remember rushing to finish up the front of Silvanus so I could cast on SnowDrop.

This gives me pause – first because SnowDrop is on size six needles (which I notice as I hold it, pondering the possibility of putting it on a stitch holder) and second, because I don’t really want to put SnowDrop onto a stitch holder so I can finish Silvanus.

I must have used the size sixes to help compensate for the gauge change between my yarn and the pattern yarn, I finally decide. I check the needle case for a pair of size six straights. I don’t have one. Nor do I have a second size 6 circular.

No problem , I’m going to Joanne’s tomorrow anyways to get red yarn – I’ll just pick up another size six while I’m there. I remember to check the pattern to get the metric size for the needle (completely failing to recall that I’m using a *different* needle), because at Joanne’s it’s easier to find the needles by the metric size then the american sizing. 4.5 mm. I’m set.

I get to Joanne’s, buy my yarn and my needle, come home, sit down to work on Silvanus, check my pattern, confirm that I have the right needle size, and then remember that in this instance the right needle size is actually the wrong needle size.

I sigh, think to myself “At least this will make a funny blog entry” and put Silvanus away until I can get the right needle size for it.

That was yesterday.

This story isn’t over yet.

Today, I get online to make a funny blog post about my needle issues, and I load up flickr to get pictures of SnowDrop and Silvanus on the same needle so I can say “Can you see what’s the same in these two pictures?”, then rant amusingly about my general incompetence in needle management.

Except it doesn’t look like the same needle.

I study both pictures closely, and sure enough, that size six bamboo needle in SnowDrop is not the same needle I see in Silvanus. I go back to the original entry on Silvanus when I started knitting it, hoping for a better picture and maybe, just maybe, I made a note about what needle size I was using.

Right there in the first paragraph I read this:

Telemark is a good yarn for this, but its finer then the Coldharbour Mill Aran called for. I’ve sized up to size eight (5mm) needles, since my solitary pair of size 7 (4.5mm) is committed to dishcloth knitting right now.


One thought on “In which Anna is bedeviled by needle sizes.

  1. Whupps. I hate when that happens.

    I’m starting another package for you. This one will be the reveal and so it won’t show up until the end of January.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

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