Return, triumphant.

I am finally back on my feet, and have only a slightly trashed house to reclaim from the chaos of ‘Mom is sick.’

Since I never got a chance to post this last week, I’ll share the booty now. Friday morning, before I passed out in the living room, we actually got out and went shopping. Shopping while sick is a bad idea. Even shopping for yarn.


See that? Acrylic. Red Heart multicoloured acrylic. I didn’t get to photographing it until this afternoon. Note the lack of ball band and curiously collapsed shape of the front skein? Not only was I sick enough to buy acrylic, I ended up knitting with it. Nothing like a cast-iron machine washable yarn for knitting through episodes of unmentionabley messy nausea.

I also got this:

Cotton for Yule presents

Dishcloth cotton for Yule – my mother has asked a few times if I’ll make her some dishclothes, so I’m going too. I just need to find a skein of Xmas green as well, and I’ll be set.

And this:

Pretty Blue Alpaca

This is from the LYS (the rest is Joanne) and is a lovely blue grey alpaca. It was the last skein of this colour/dye lot, thus allowing me to buy it without falling into the expensive “but I need to get enough for a whole project” trap. At only 91 yards a skein, I have enough of this for absolutely nothing. But it’s a very pretty soft yarn, and I’m happy I picked it up. Technically, this is the only yarn I ‘legitimately’ bought on my stash diet. The rest is a horrible triumph of desire over willpower. I blame the flu.

Oh, and I can’t forget this. No matter how much I wish too.

Spun Velvet Chenille yarn
Velvet Spun Chenille yarn, bulky weight. I did not pick this out. The Bee picked this out, for her shawl.


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