Da Shawl.

The one virtue of bulky weight yarns is that they knit up quickly. Put them on a pair of Size 13 needles, and in no time at all you’ve got a shawl.

Like this one:

Da Shawl looking vaguely catlike. Da Shawl

Ever since I finished the Swamp Witch, the Bee has been agitating for a shawl of her own. Last week we finally made it up to Joanne’s for her shawl yarn. The yarn she picked out was a bulky weight polyester, Lion Brand Velvet Spun chenille. This is a very very soft thick yarn that could pass for a pipecleaner if it had more backbone – very fuzzy stuff.

Knitting with it is like trying to knit caterpillars. Though that could just have been the fever.

No particular pattern here – I started with one stitch on the the needle (size 13 circs), Kfb into it, and then did k1 purl to last stitch k1 for the wrong side, and k1 yo knit to last stitch yo k1 for the right side. Real simple, real fast. And the Bee loves it. I’d take a picture of her modeling it, but we seem to be playing ‘pass the germs’ and now she’s in bed.


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