Frogged: a red winter hat.

Because what I thought was just ‘lack of sleep’ is actually some kick-ass summer flu which caused me to blearily think that a 50 gram skein of yarn was actually a 100 gram skein of yarn.

I’ll get back to y’all when I’m feeling better.

4 thoughts on “Frogged: a red winter hat.

  1. I love you feel better soon! if i were there i would make you some yummy chicken noodle soup! or maybe i could make it ans send it to you …..hhmmm i’ll think on that one

  2. Hi Anna, Sorry you are not feeling well! 😦 I hope you get better real soon. Thank you for popping by my new blog today and encouraging. I found your site in the “Best WordPress Blogs” arena and since I want to learn to knit…might as well learn from the best. 🙂 I can’t wait to explore your articles. Take care and get lots of rest and fluids!

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