Long time waiting.

Last year at the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo I bought a pound of a grey cormo fleece that Em and I just fell in love with.  We kept looking at it and walking away,  and coming back to it.   I gave in and got the pound,  and Em got a pound,  and then couldn’t resist and went back for the rest of it.

I then packed up and went home, spent a wonderful smelly week washing wool and then lost track of it until recently  when it made an unexpected appearance at the grocery store, masquerading as a re-usable grocery bag full of shopping bags.

Here is the washed fleece – pretty lock structure, very dense.   I only washed this once, to keep the lanolin in it.

Washed Cormo

And here is some of it picked open and ready to card – I normally have carded sort of lock by lock,  but I thought I would try picking this,  since it is quite dense and slick from the lanolin.

Picked fleece, ready to card.

And here is a bag full of rolags,  all ready for the spindle.   I finally got the hang of doffing the cards, so I am able to card much more quickly.

Cormo Rolags


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