I get to go to knit night!

For the first time since mid-May!   I am very happy.   I have a happy find to share – two nylon circular needles.  The old fashioned circa 1960’s ONE PIECE nylon circulars.  As far as I know they are no longer manufactured.

I love these needles like crazy — they’re usually in larger sizes – these two are an 11 and a 10.5,   and they have NO JOIN  because they are solid nylon.   I love love love not having to worry about yarn snagging or catching on the join.


One thought on “I get to go to knit night!

  1. I have a size 7 nylon needle I keep in with my Options. Somewhere, I have both 4 and 7 in two different lengths. My mom gave them to me when I learned to knit. I knit neck down raglan pull overs and cardis for my all of my first husband’s nieces and nephews for Christmas one year on those needles. I don’t use them so much anymore (I think one of my kids teethed on them 😉 but I wouldn’t part with them for anything. I wish someone would start making them again…not so flexible for Magic Loop but those joins are amazing.

    Now I’m trying to get my mom to hand over some of her old issues of Workbasket magazine. Vintage lace!

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