Today we walked out along the pond, and saw the leaves all gold and red,  and ate the last of the wild grapes nearly withered to raisins,  and saw the withered mushrooms beneath the trees,  and gathered acorns from the great white oaks.    Three wild ducks swam nervously away from us on the pond,  and the last of the milkweed down puffed in the air.


3 thoughts on “Autumn.

  1. The leaves are slowly turning here. I’m surprised by the amount of GREEN I’m still seeing. We haven’t had much rain, I’m wondering if it has something to do with it.

  2. Hello! My name is Patti and I live in sw Michigan. I found your blog through a google search using the term “wicca knitting”. I am a solitary practioner and kitchen witch. I am starting to research a knitting book.

    My goal is to publish a unique book featuring the connections of feminine energy, goddess, fiber, handweaving, and even the Moon and Sabbats. I am writing to ask if you would consider talking or perhaps a formal interview.

    I appreciate your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact me via email or at my blog Blessed Be.

    Patti Muma

  3. How are you celebrating Samhain? Are you doing anything special? We’ll be giving out candy at his parents…we’re dog-sitting while they are on their cruise.

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