Now for the hard part….

Market research.    Having gotten a piece of writing into what I consider submittable form,  I get to figure where to submit it.

Somehow,  this is always far more intimidating then any other part of the process — even reading rejection letters is easier for me then trying to decide where something should be submitted.   Hence the lack of posts categorized “In Submission”.

Some of the nervewracking questions that submission time generates:

Does reading three issues of a journal count as “being familiar with our publication”?

Is my use of language “vibrant and modern”?

Does having posted a rough draft of something to this blog count as “previously published”  as in “previously published works will not be considered”?    (I’ve got a query into an editor about that one.)


4 thoughts on “Now for the hard part….

  1. Given that a lot of people will submit articles to publications they’ve never even read, I’d say having read three issues is pretty familiar.

    As to the latter, I think it depends on the editor. Curious as to what they reply with.

  2. Lupa,

    You’re right about it depending on the editor. This one has gotten back to me, and let me know that while normally blog publication – even of a rough draft – does count as “previously published” he/she’s willing to to take a look at the piece in the coming reading period anyways. Very kind!

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