The view from my rocking chair.

My rocking chair sits by the blacony doors , overlooking the playground. I’ve got book shelves behind me, with a light clamped to them so it shines over my shoulder. There’s a folding table set up next to it right now with my tea pot and some knitting books on it. The plant bench is off on the other side with the full spectrum plant light over it, so I can sit in my rocker and read or knit while I get my recommended daily dose of lumens.

As I look out over the balcony this morning, this is my view:
Real Snow

In the past 24 hours we’ve gotten about two feet of snow, and it is still coming down. A lovely dose of real winter. Between those two square planters there is a five gallon watering can, completely buried.

In other news – if you ask how long to microwave two chicken breast halves, my blog is #3 in the search results. Go figure.


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