Another Knitting Book!

From my beloved husband, it being Valentines Day. Peeking out from under the book you can spy a chart – that is his gift, as yet unfinished (since he bought me the yarn for it when he bought the book!) – the Squirrel and Oakleaf mittens from Hello Yarn.

EZ's Knitting Around

There is an inscription on the frontispiec blank page that would be the frontispiece if it weren’t blank (which it isn’t, since he wrote an inscription – does that make it a frontispiece after all?)  which reads in part:

To Anna: Who has always warmed my heart, and recently my head, neck, hands…..   

I believe I have mentioned this in the past,  but it bears repeating – my husband is wonderful, and I love him dearly.

On that note – Stephanie’s Valentine’s Day post is seriously worth reading.  I agree with her wholeheartedly about the need for women (and to a lesser degree men) to “de-romaticize” love if it is to provide a sound basis for lasting relationships.   Love isn’t the book or the yarn, it’s the time and understanding it took to choose them.


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