Silvanus Front – done!

Here is the front of Silvanus, finished and ready to go. You can’t see it very well in this picture, but the moss stitch at the top is very pretty. Why I am knitting moss stitch on something that will be fulled I am not sure – maybe to keep the top edge of the bag from curling the way it is on the sides and bottom (which will be sewn together). It measures 17 inchs across, and about 20/21 lengthwise – it’s a little tricky to measure because of the degree to which the stockinette curls. A little less wide then the pattern suggests, but spot on for length.


This was a very fun knit – the colorwork provided a lot of interest, without being to complicated, and the pattern itself is flexible and asymetrical, which means you can miss or add a stitch without the error ruining the whole motif.


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