The SnowDrop Shawl – cast on.

Longtime readers may recall that back in July I swatched for SnowDrop.

It’s only taken me the intervening five/six months to find the right yarn to actually knit it in. The Catania cotton was too smooth, the KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud is too fragile and funny feeling (it’s gotta be the alpaca thing), the purple heritage yarn is too fluffy (and there’s probably not enough of it anyways), the KnitPicks Shadow is too orange — it’s lovely lovely yarn, and I know I bought it to swatch for this, but every time I picked it up it was just… really..really… orange. I can’t knit something named SnowDrop in orange.

Then I found Bare. It’s the KnitPicks dye-your-own line, and it includes a 100% merino laceweight that comes in 100 gram skeins (unlike most of the rest of their offerings, which are 50 gram skeins). 800 yards per skein. Two skeins of this is just the right amount for this shawl. It is a tad thicker then Alpaca Cloud, but doesn’t feel funny. It’s fluffier then the Catania, smoother then the heritage purple, and it is so not orange I can’t even begin to describe how not orange it is.

It is (much like Mary Poppins) practically perfect in every way.

Ladies and gentlemen:



opens a pdf file.


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