Panic Time

Yesterday evening  our complex manager left a nice little note in our doorway – “We are replacing the windows, please do x and y and z to be ready for the window guys to come into your townhouse on Monday or Tuesday.”

Okay, great, new windows.  Sorta weird timing,  putting in new windows in December,  and it’s sorta inconvenient to have to move a bunch of furniture so the window guys can get to the windows, but hey – no biggie.

Fast forward to today,  4:30 pm.  I walk outside to check the mail, and see if the pizza delivery guy is here yet.  No pizza delivery guy,  one residential manager walking up my walkway.

“Hi – I needed to give you the new letter about the windows.   The guys doing the windows decided to change their work schedule.   They should get to you tomorrow.”

Not Monday.  Not Tuesday.   Saturday.

Guess what I’ve spent the past five hours doing, and aren’t done with yet?

Damned furniture.


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