More felting – a mug cozy. Maybe.

I want it to be a mug cozy. My swatch went well, and I’ve cast on for a second piece based on those measurements. I need to decide if I want to felt it flat and then sew it or set it up with buttons, or graft it into a round before felting, and try felting it directly onto the mug.

Here’s the current piece being knit up. The dimensions are to be 5-6 x 20, which should felt down to about 4×10, which will wrap the mug nicely.


The mug itself is a just a standard issue coffee mug. It was a souvenir that my father-in-law brought me from his last vacation, and it’s pretty tacky. Normally I would just quitely declutter it, but all reports are that my FIL searched diligently and carefully for a mug with my name on it, and only settled for the cheesy ‘his’ and ‘hers’ mugs when he couldn’t find one. I like my FIL quite a lot, and he likes me, so I’ll keep the mug, and counteract the cheesiness of it with fiber arts.


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