August BIW – Goals.

My goals for this month are:

  1. 1k a day.  This should equal
  2. 28 pages, at 250 words a page.
  3. Write daily.  Last month I managed every other day.

BIW starts Monday the 7th, at 8am.  I’d like to set my daily writing time from 8-10 am.  This means I’ll need to plan on being up early enough to have a breakfast set and ready to go for the Bee, so I needn’t interrupt myself to make it for her.


3 thoughts on “August BIW – Goals.

  1. BIW is Book-in-a-Week. It’s a writers group that dedicates the first full week of each month to writing – you post your goals, then post your pages every day. Frequently there’s a little prize drawing for the winners, and there’s always a lot of support and chatter about writing.

    Check out their site:

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