Wherein Anna discovers the value of mislaying things.

I was going through my embroidery stash, looking for a pattern for the Pattern Addict Swap on swap bot, when I found yarn! 2 balls of Sugar n Cream cotton, the last of a cone of it in the same colourway, and a still in the cellophane ball of #10 crochet cotton. Tucked away in the box with the kits and supplies for the EGA, from the once upon a time when I was doing programs.

Hmm. What was it I was just saying about that mesh bag pattern… The #10 is intended for a mesh bag already – I have one going in a crochet pattern that is taking *forever*. Possibly because I never work on it. So as tempting as it is to cast on another Turkish String bag right now with this find, I’m going to keep it for the project in progress. Probably. How’s that for alliteration?

The cotton will be dishcloths! I have been in serious dishcloth withdrawal here, and this is a godsend. Or at least a ‘distracted Anna putting things away in the wrong spot’ send. I am so happy.



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