Some Knitting and Tea

The yarn is Red Heart Sashay,  in the GlenOak highschool school colors, for Bridget to wear to her events and spirit day and such like.   I’m making the pattern on the label, a ruffled scarf.  It’s weird knitting – the yarn is a long mesh ribbon and all the stitches are worked along one edge, leaving the rest of the ribbon to flutter around the body of the fabric.  Instant ruffles!    It’s a pretty straight forward knit,  6 stitches on large needles, back and forth in garter stitch.   I suppose theoretically you could put all the ruffles on one side by working it in stockinette.   It would be fast, if not for needing to spread out the ribbon and isolate just the working edge.

The tea is Yunnan Sourcing’s 2014 Red Horse GongTing, a shou puerh that I picked up a couple of mini-cakes of back in February,  mostly because the wrapper was adorable.   It’s an easy drinking tea,  with a dark dark liquor,   and gentle hay/very faint rose/lavender kind of thing going on.    Predominantly smooth aged hay, with just this almost not there floral hint.    Per YS, the floral note should come out more as the tea ages,   and I’ll crack the second cake probably sometime next year to compare to my current tasting notes     I’m also playing with brewing times and temps,  looking for the sweet spot for this tea.   Haven’t found it quite yet.   This is cup was brewed for about 2-3 minutes with water straight from the kettle,  10g of tea to 20 oz of water, with the leaves rinsed twice before brewing with the ‘getting boiled’ water in the kettle.

And that is what I  am doing this evening.  Some tea, and knitting.




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