Morning glories.

Sweet Lady Mother Moon, I had forgotten how wonderful mornings are.

Walking in the early hours today I saw blue jays in the bare black lace branches of the beech trees against the morning glory blue morning sky.

A small girl in a pointed knit cap waved at me as she waited to go to school.

Frostflowers bloomed across every windshield and window I passed, and underfoot the grass crackled like glass.

The long pale morning light slanted past me, casting shadows I haven’t seen in months.

Back home now I sit with hot tea and a playful dog and cold ears and joy in my heart.


A new addition to the fundraising toolkit.

I’ve set up another contribution option for my 3Day contributors — as well as donating directly (you can get to my donation page through that walker button on the sidebar), folks can also choose to pledge through my Fundable page.

The advantage of Fundable is that it if I don’t raise enough to get to walk this year (I need to raise $2300), the contributors pledges aren’t redeemed.

So, if you think $10 would be worth it to make me walk 20 miles a day help support the fight against breast cancer, click on the shiny pink button over there, or head to My Page on Fundable, and help me out!