A Very Brocante Day

We’re having a very fifties housewife kind of day around here today –  I’m wearing a pretty apron and my hair up in a triangular scarf,   and I’m bustling around wiping this and that with orange and lavender scented cleaners,   and the grand plan for the day ends with me and the Bee putting our feet up and doing our nails.

I think I need to find a old movie for us to watch – something with Audrey Hepburn or Doris Day — and make a nice little soup for dinner.

Brocante is a French word that means ‘little thing’  or ‘trifle’,  approximately.   For our purposes today though,  it refers to a delicious housekeeping blog that I read every day, The Brocante Home Chronicles. It’s an inspiration.


Movie of the Day – Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

120 minutes out of 143. Not bad.

I love this film – it about as perfect a fantasy adventure film as you could make – right up there with the Princess Bride. Johnny Depp is great as Captain Jack, and Keira Knightley is as cute as a button, especially in the redcoat costume towards the end.

I saw the sequel in the theatre recently, and while I don’t exactly regret it, I do wish I hadn’t paid full price for it. It’s not nearly the same caliber of film. It seemed like it could have used a good edit to tighten it up and keep things from dragging.

Why is Anna blogging at 1:43 am?

Because tonight I watched this with the Bee:

Mary Poppins DVD case

And I can’t get the scarf out of my head – I think it’s crocheted.

Google turns up Tammy, who agrees with me about it being crocheted, and Jenn, who has crocheted something very like it. Not quite like it though – the original has a different stripe pattern, and seems a little lacier and much drapy-er to me. I think it’s probably a softer lighter yarn then Jenn used. I’ve also found a few photo’s of this thing good enough to share. It looks pinkish in these pictures, but sort of orange on the television.

Jenn’s version is here: http://findingher.blogspot.com/ – you need to scroll down a little – its the Sept. 2nd entry.
The scarf:

scarf 3 scarf 2 scarf 1

And having now sated my momentary obsession through the wonder of google, and then shared it with you, Gentle Reader, I should now be able to sleep.

Unless I somehow get the idea I need to work up a pattern so I can crochet this.