Liesel progress, and a hat.

Liesel is coming along okay – the Lopi that I am using is a pretty scratchy yarn, so I’m not marathon knitting it – just a couple of pattern repeats a day. The lace pattern is really lovely, and it’s perfect in this color – all bronze and coppery, like autumn leaves. And once I block it and give a dip in some conditioner water it will be soft enough to wear – not soft soft, but soft enough. I experimented on the swatch, and it worked up fine.


Liesel (scroll down) is on size 8US needles, being knit in Lopi Lite, from Reynolds.

I also knit a hat today – dasHusband is off fishing with his dad, so the Bee and I have been watching LOTR, having a tea party (complete with the good china teacups!), and knitting. My MIL has asked if I could send some simple kids knits her way for her school – they try to keep a box of hats and stuff for kids that need them, so I’m making plain hats and ribbed scarves, and I’ll do up a few sets of mittens too.

Another plain hat.

Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick, on size 11 needles. Ann Budd’s basic hat pattern from her great book “A knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns”. I knit it flat and seamed it, since my supply of DPN’s in larger sizes is inadequate.


The Fana Cap.

This is the Fana Cap from Hats On – I’ve completed the body and am ready to start the crown decreases on the next row. This is on size 6US needles, and is being knit in Cascade 220 (red) and Patons Classic Merino (grey). I really enjoy the way these two yarns are working together – the Cascade is a little crisper, so the colorwork really pops, and the softer Patons lets the background stitches blur a little.

Fana Hat

Also started – Liesel, in Lopi Lite. Here’s the gauge/pattern swatch. The color does not come through at all – this yarn is a gorgeous coppery heather.