Belated Birthday Blogging.

Since I got a picture of the hand cards up,  I figured I would also share my other woolly birthday present with y’all.   This was from my mum.

Birthday Wool.

1060 yards of worsted weight cream wool,  from Scotland.  This is an old wool,  and I have no idea how my mum got ahold of it — according to the receipt she sent along, in the late September of 1990  someone in Kilmahog, Perthshire  spent 14 pounds sterling and 95 pence for 5 units of wool, which is now wound into 4 large skeins.  There was also a partial cone of wool,  which I wound into a smaller skein.    Since the original purchase was made from Trossach Woollens,  which is a weaving mill,  I suspect the original yarn may have been weaving wool, purchased on cones.   It is certainly a denser and more tightly spun wool then the worsted weights I am used,   which would be expected of a weaving wool.

These days  Trossachs Woolens is knows as Trossachs Woollen Mill – they look like a neat destination for the travelling yarnie.

I also got non-woolly birthday presents – a wall board saw, and sheet of wallboard to go along with it.   There’s a rather venerable hole in a wall that I’ve got my sights on now.   *insert evil grin here*


Happy Birthday to me!

A little early, but it’s all good.

dasHusband and the Bee conspired with the owner of our LYS to sneak this out of the store behind my back.

HBTM 002

Bee and the owner distracted me with yarn shopping while dasHusband raced out the back door and around the building to hide it in the car, then back around the building and back in.

And Melanie gave me an award! I make her smile, and if she hadn’t already been given the award I would give it back too her, because she makes me smile too.


I am supposed to think of five other bloggers that make me smile, and pass the award on to them — that will get its own post on Friday.