Some wedding shawl statistics.

The wedding shawl starts out with 60 stitches cast on.

The pattern increases from 4 stitches per repeat to 56 stitches per repeat over 46 rows.

Thus, rows 47 thru 81 are 684 stitches apiece.

And this point is where my pitiful math skills fail me,  leaving me utterly unable to comprehend,  much less figure out, how many stitches there will be total in the body of the shawl.

I can tell you that it is now taking me about an hour and a quarter to knit the plain rows on the shawl.   The patterned rows and beaded rows take longer.


Some Yule gifts.

I had intended this to a be a tutorial post,  with nice glossy pictures of the whole process of making beaded stitch markers.   My camera disagreed with me,  and gave me only one glossy picture.   Ah, well, so it goes.

I am making stitch marker sets for the ladies in my knitting circle.     Beaded stitch markers are fast and fun to make,  and always useful.    The ones I make are very simple – I just slid the beads I’m using onto an I pin,  then bend the end of the pin around a knitting needle into a circle and neaten it up with some small pliers.

Stitch markers

Each set I am making will have 8 colored markers, in two different patterns, and a set of alphabet markers – A thru H,  which are useful for complicated patterns.