State of the Knitting Basket, August 2009

Since I haven’t done this in a while, here is an overview of my current works in progress.

Kelly’s wedding shawl. This is the Lady’s Circular Cape in Shell Pattern from Victorian Lace Today. It is over due – the wedding was at the end of May. I would have finished it the week before the wedding, but the bride asked me to organize her wedding reception instead. It was a very nice reception. This is being knit in KnitPicks Gloss laceweight, with added seed pearl beads.

Wedding shawl

Travelling Roses scarf, for Carey. A beautiful lace scarf for my cousin, being worked in Malabrigo laceweight.

Travelling Roses

Alpaca afghan, for Moses and Stephen. Being worked in Joseph Galler Peruvian Tweed, 100% alpaca yarn. Also overdue – I had meant it to be a Yule gift for them last year. Maybe this year.

Alpaca afghan

Green socks, for Michael.

Green socks

Tesselating fish afghan. My slow project. Current fish count 15/150.


A periwinkle scarf. Plain, ribbed, warm, soft, lovely. Cascade 220.

Plain ribbed scarf

Stella Maris. I think this may actually be finished. I keep meaning to put a border on it, but since I’ve been meaning to put the border on it for about three years now, I may just block it and be done with it. It’s my own pattern, and the colorway is Tidepool — it’s a Knit Picks yarn, but I don’t recall which one.

Stella Maris

Bridget socks. That was a lovely orderly ball of wool, before the dog got to it.

Tangle and sock.

She really wants her socks!

Tommy and the Bee


Knitting Thank You

More hiatus knitting. There’s no olympic knitting to report today – I’ve actually been too under the weather to knit.

A basketweave pattern afghan in Peruvian Tweed, on size 11US needles. A thank you gift, because nothing says thank you like 100% superfine alpaca.