Finished Objects 2006

In reverse chronological order – most recently finished on top.

dasHat – take one:

A plain ribbed hat. Galway Highland Heather worsted weight yarn, size 5 needles. k2,p2 ribbing.

Some dishclothes:

Holiday dish cloths

These were supposed to be Christmas gifts, but didn’t get given. The white one still isn’t done. Sugar n Cream cotton, size 7 needles, King Charles Brocade dishcloth pattern from the Dishcloth Boutique.

Some scarves:
HallowScarf 003

The Yarn Harlots One Row Scarf in that lovely salmon pink (Classic Elite’s Renaissance) , and a simple k2, p2 ribbed scarf of no particular pattern (Cascade Quattro). Each one is 45 inches long.

Hat 004

A lovely hat pattern from Knitty, designed by Alexandra Virgiel. Knit in Galway Highland Heather, on size eight needles. I really enjoyed knitting this – the band is knit lengthwise, then grafted end to end for the brim, then you pick up stitches along the edge and knit the crown up. Fun stuff.

The Candy Cane Scarf:
Candy Cane Scarf 002

Actually another Irish Hiking Scarf, this time knit in Cascade Quatro (still on size 8 needles) – isn’t that colourway pretty? It’s a softer yarn then the Lion Brand wool was, so it doesn’t pop as sharply, but it is much softer to wear. This was knit for the Bee, who loves it tremendously. For pattern links scroll down the entry for the Irish Hiking Scarf – it’s all there.

A sock:
Sock 009

This is knit in worsted weight acrylic, just to see if I could knit a sock. I can. No pattern to credit here – I just followed the sock formula in my knitting book. It’s not part of a pair, and won’t be.

A butterfly lace pattern dishcloth:


In Sugar n’ Cream cotton, on size 7 needles, from Barbara Collin’s pattern for a Butterfly lace cloth.

A one skein chemo cap and a kids cap from the same pattern:

Upright. Da HAt 002

The grey one is knit in American Alpaca’s Charlevoix. It is being donated to: Made by Hand. The colorful one is Red Heart Multicolor Acrylic in the Monet colourway. Both are knit on size eight needles, from this pattern for a one skein hat by Ardeana Hamlin. This hat can be knit with under 100 yards of yarn – the skein for the grey hat was 91 yards, and I had about a yard left over.

Da Shawl:

Da Shawl looking vaguely catlike.

A quick and easy shawl for my daughter, knit in Lion Brand Velvet Spun Chenille. This is a polyester bulky weight yarn. Size 13 circulars. The pattern is just plain stockinette all the way, with increases worked one stitch in from the selvedge to give it the triangle shape – I started with one stitch cast on and worked k1 in front of stitch, k1 in back of stitch, k1 in front of stitch again, but you could just cast on three and that would work too.

A winter hat:

Winter hat two.

Pattern courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn – it’s the toboggan hat. Since you have to register for their patterns, I can’t link directly too the pattern, I’m afraid. This is knit in Red Heart Acrylic, the Monet colourway, on size nine needles (larger then the pattern calls for, for gauge). Simple, quick, pretty. If only I could find this colourway in a nice wool!

An Irish Hiking Scarf:

IHS Full Length IHS Close up

Size 8 needles, Lion’s Brand Fishermen’s Wool. Pattern from Hello Yarn : Irish Hiking Scarf. 70 inches long. Used a full skein of the yarn. Knitalong : IHS Knit Along. This was knit 100% to pattern! It came out wonderfully, and is much loved by it’s recipient.
A lace head kerchief:

Back Blocking.

Catania cotton, #4 needles, pattern from Mind’s Eye Yarns. Errata: There should be a YO after the SL1 in row 5 of the pattern stitch. I changed the selvedge from SL1 to a 2 stitch garter stitch selvedge because I couldn’t get the slip stitch to come out nicely.

A mesh bag:

Flat Working

In which Anna declares her freedom from any obligation to follow patterns! This is very loosely based on the Turkish String Bag by Judy Gibson, and is knit in Classic Elite’s Bam Boo Print yarn, in the aqua colourway, on 4mm circular needles. For the full story read this: Mesh Bag.

A dish cloth:

Dishcloth in Cotton Fizz

Cotton Fizz 8 ply on size 7 needles – the pattern is Grandma’s Favorite from the Dishcloth Boutique.

The Swamp Witch Shawl:

Swamp Witch 3 Swamp Witch 2

Not really the name of the pattern, just what I call it because of the color of this yarn – I love it! I’m going to fringe in in a slightly darker green yarn, maybe with alternating black and green tassles. Jo-Ann’s Cosetta yarn in green, on my huge #13 circular needles. The pattern is Sarah Bradberry’s Comfort Shawl.

Da Bunny:

Da Bunny

Knit in plain old nameless acrylic, on size 5 needles. The pattern is from HeartStrings FiberArts, and can be found here – Bunny Pattern. Made for the Bee, who picked out the beads for eyes and nose, and insisted on the fiberfill fluff tail instead of the baby safe knitted variation. The tag looking thing at the neck is not a tag at all, but part of a small pink ribbon bow from an Easter basket.


4 thoughts on “Finished Objects 2006

  1. i am looking for a dishcloth story that is very short, but cannot find it on any website. I wanted the story to go along with dishcloths that I knit for gifts. Do you know where I could find it? thanks, katt

  2. Nifty Sandy! I’m going to re-post this to the front page – if you’ve got a blog or webpage or anything, let me know and I’ll link back to ya!

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