Finished Objects – 2007

Stuff I’ve finished in 2007 – roughly chronological order from bottom to top of page. Roughly. Under construction – pics, stats, pattern links to follow.

And lets not mention dishclothes. Lots of dishcloths. Knit on size 8 needles in various kinds of cotton yarn – Sugar n’ Creme, Lion Brand Cotton, etc.
CalorimetryKoiguCalorimetry 001

A small shawl.
CampKnitting 010

A basketweave baby blanket.
CampKnitting 012

A plain ribbed scarf.
A grey scarf.

A Red Lace Scarf
Good  Fortune Blocked

Squirrel and Oak Mittens

A One Row Scarf
Another One Row Scarf

Plain Green Mittens
Plain Green Mittens

A “Dulaan” felted bag.
Redefined 001

A dice bag.

Small bags.
CampKnitting 007Two Tiny Bags

Ribbed Caps

A purple mesh scarf.
Purple! 012

Spiral Striped Hats
Spiral Stripe hatStriped Hat Take 2HatDecon 015

A very big hat.
DasHat 007DasHusband

Red Scarves
Red Scarf 1

Serendipity Scarf
Knitting 085

Turkish String Bag
Knitting 110Turkish Stitch String Bag

Squares Slippers
Squares 001

Silvanus done


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