Blue Rock State Park – 2006

Vacation photos! Yes, I like mushrooms.

We went to Blue Rock State Park for one week. Our campsite was in the upper campground, well above the lake, which we had a nice view of through the trees. There were no other campers in the upper campground, and only a few in the lower, so it was wonderfully quiet and there was plenty of solitude. There are several nice short hiking trails in the park, and another 20 some miles of hiking/bridle trails in the surrounding state forest (Blue Rock State Forest).

From the top we have:

  1. A flower I cannot identify – it was growing on a very swampy flood plain.
  2. A red mushroom.
  3. Pale blue mushrooms growing in a hollow log. We saw this the first day out on a hike, and declared it a ‘fairy house’.
  4. DasHusband and the Bee investigating a small cave.
  5. A *huge* spiderweb. It’s worth your while to click through the link on this one and look at the large photo. This spider web was about four feet in diameter, and completely blocked the trail we were hiking on.
  6. Some small white mushrooms – though it’s hard to see in this photo, these are covered with tiny little spikes.
  7. This growth of mushrooms looked like a flower – the colours don’t show well, but it was all cream and gold and silvery grey. Very pretty.
  8. Our camp – the kitchen. A peg rack made by dasHusband. What a boy scout can’t do with sticks and twine and a pocket knife…..
  9. My hammock. Pitched over a pretty steep slope, though it’s not very obvious in the picture. Relaxation central.
  10. A tent. Obviously.
  11. It had paws slightly smaller then a quarter, wasn’t a racoon and stole the last piece of fried chicken. We think it was probably a fox.

I don't know what this plant is.
Yes, another mushroom.
Yet more mushrooms.
A little cave.
A large spiderweb.
More Mushrooms.
The tent.
Fox Track?


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