Sew sew.

I’ve been getting back into sewing recently. I’ve sewn a kit apron that was almost entirely hemming, and am most of the way through a second one that was a little more involved. The second one has a ruffle at the bottom which was a fun technique to practice, and has a faced neckline. I finished edging it yesterday, and still need to turn down a 1/4 inch hem all around the apron and top stitch it. Then I’ll put on the neck and waist ties, and it’s done.

I got the apron kits at Jo-Ann’s, along with fabric and notions to make two more aprons – I have a nice pattern from Burda that I want to use, and it also has patterns for some other kitchen accessories to make if the scraps from the aprons are large enough. I also have a fabric stash, mostly intended for skirts, and a quilt in progress.

I like aprons, have always worn them, and think they are a good learning sewing projects for me. I learned to sew when I was young, and have sewn off and on for ever, but am not really skilled. This has never stopped me from sewing what ever I wanted (including my wedding dress) but it would be nice to feel skilful and competent at my sewing machine. There’s a different between a handsewn garment that is complete (I’ve always completed my sewing projects) and one that is good and that fits.


One thought on “Sew sew.

  1. I’ve seen those kits and have thought about picking one up and trying it. I’ve never made an apron. I could use one, since I lost the ones I had in the fire. Looking forward to see your finished projects!

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