Trying to learn to spin. On a wheel, this time.

I’m already a very competent spindle spinner, and I quite like my spindles. But there is this spinning wheel that’s been around the house, and all this fiber, and I figured, why not?

It’s like trying to learn to type with toes – I’m suddenly all thumbs and dis-coordination, and my brown roving that I know could be this fine thin single is this lumpy over spun twisty tangly mess. But it is a single. And I am slowly slowly getting the hang of using my hands and feet at the same time.

From Drop Box

This is the wheel – my husbands Little Diana. I also picked up a set of Valkyrie wool combs for myself! I’ve been lusting after these for a few years.

From Drop Box

I’ll use these to finish (maybe finally finish) processing the wool for my sweater. And maybe I’ll spin it on my spindles, and maybe I’ll do it on the wheel, and maybe I’ll eventually actually knit it!


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