To fix or not to fix.

Cabled Bag

I have 8 inches of the panel knit so far — I need to knit to 11 inches, and then I can start the flap.

I finally figured out how to address the issue I had with the cabling on the center of the panel — it’s a little hard to see in this picture, because of the grey yarn. Now I need to decide if I want to just leave the cables as they are, with all my experimenting in sight, or drop the six or so stitches involved back to the beginning and re-knit it all in the fix I worked out. I’m leaning towards just leaving them, since it is pretty inconspicuous, and it does make a good story. Plus dropping and re-knitting a section of the cable panel would be a bit of a pain.


2 thoughts on “To fix or not to fix.

  1. I saw don’t bother. If it’s inconspicuous (I certainly can’t see it) then why go through the hassle of dropping *cable* stitches, which I know is a pain. It’s looking good!

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