We got campy.

We’re back from a very pleasant weekend camping at a local state park.   There was a bit of a dust up about our reservations – the tipi we had reserved was double booked,  and we ended up having to get a tent from back home.   But the park staff was very apologetic about it, and gave us free firewood and a canoe rental, which was nice.  Constructive complaining will get you everywhere.

Tommy-dog went camping with us,  for his first and perhaps last camping trip.  He did not seem too fond of having to spend so much time sitting on the ground, and was always trying to get into a lap or chair.    He gets a bath later today – his fur is full of bits of pine needle and stuff.      Due to a lack of  foresight on our part, he ended up having to come on our first canoe trip with us,   and did shockingly well – he may not be much of a camper,  but the Tommy-dog seems to be a born canoe-rider.

The canoeing was wonderful – there are great swaths of the lake overrun with water lilies, and the weather was perfect for rowing out and just resting and looking at them.   We also saw two great blue herons, one of which took off and skimmed across the water right in front of the canoe.  It was stunning.

All in all, a wonderful weekend, despite the slightly disappointing tipi-less nature of the trip.


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