Some days are for street fairs.

We went to the Main Street Festival today, a little street fair near where we live.   It was a fun morning – we walked up and down looking at all the booths,  and Tommy-dog met dozens of people and other dogs.  They have a pet parade in the afternoon which we did not go too.

The Bee played midway games and won a toy trumpet, and bought herself a stuffed frog at the “shiny shop”.   The booth of shiny fabric stuffed animals is at the fair every year, and every year she gets herself a shiny of some sort.

There were no fiber artists this year – there never are (which is, perhaps, a niche I could take advantage of),  but there was an incense maker whom we talked with for a while.  It’s always very pleasant to meet other paganfolk.    And a broom and candle seller we know from the flea market was there – they had their little doggy as well, and Tommy and the yorkie got to play while we visited.   We came away with happily renewed acquaintances and some candles and incense that smell lovely!

The Bee got offered a blue ballon with a local church logo on it — after a moments reflection she accepted, with the comment “I don’t care about that – I just like balloons.”   Once home, she tied it to Tommy’s collar,  and he is happily prancing about the house dragging it with him and playing with it.

All in all, very fun.


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