Tool Maker

While humans are not the only tool making animal, we certainly make the most sophisticated tools. And we’ve been toolmaking for a long time – the first known stone tools date back 2.6 million years.

In honor of my ancient lineage I spent part of yesterday making myself a few spinning tools that I’ve been wanting. A pipe cutter, some lengths of CPVC and PVC pipes, assorted pipe parts and an hour later I now have two new niddy noddys, four more bobbins for my lazy kate and plenty of remaining pipe in case I want to make more. It was a very productive afternoon.

The niddys – the larger one is a two yard niddy, and the smaller is one yard. They are made out of the CPVC, which makes them suitable for heated uses such as dyeing and finishing yarns.

The bobbins – they are made out of regular PVC. I wanted to also make niddy, and I shall yet, but the hardware shop didn’t have the t-joint I would need.

Niddys and bobbins


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