Cormo cabled yarn, finished.

I’ve finished the first skein of my cabled Cormo yarn. It weighs 3 oz, and measures 8 wraps per inch, making it heavy worsted weight. Yardage, 122 yards. I am guesstimating that I used about a quarter of my fleece, so I think I’ll get another three skeins out of it of similiar weight and yardage. The Cormo has been very pleasant to spin, especially as my carding technique improves and my rolags get more even.

The finished yarn.


2 thoughts on “Cormo cabled yarn, finished.

    • It is! It’s a nice soft squishy yarn, with a lot of loft in it. I’m really surprised by how much the yarn changes after washing it. I think it must be because I am spinning with a lot of grease still in the fiber.

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