Today I finished cabling the first skein of my Cormo yarn. It is cooking on the stove as I write, and in a few more minutes I will rinse it out, and hang it up to dry.

Here are some pics of the finishing.

Cabling the 2 ply yarns together:

All cabled, and ready to wind into a skein. There’s a little 2 ply left, and I could Andean ply it back on it self to make more cabled yarn, or I could save it and splice it on to the next batch of 2 ply I spin.


Winding the skein. This is a one yard niddy noddy.

Winding the Skein

I put skein ties at four points to hold the yarn securely while I cook it. This skein is 122 yards.

Skein ties.

And off the niddy, here is the finished skein, ready to be cooked. It will going into cool soapy water, be heated up to about 145 degrees, swished about a bit, and then I’ll pour off the hot water, and rinse it in cold water. Then I’ll hang it up to dry. This process will full the yarn slightly and set the twist.

The finished skein


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