Socks, singles and a trip to Ann Arbor.

I have finished plying the second 2ply yarn for my cabled Cormo yarn, and it is resting neatly on its bobbin, all ready to finish up tomorrow.
Winding the second ply.2ply yarns ready to be cabled

In other news, I got my formal confirmation email from the Fiber Expo today – I am listed to teach my sock knitting class. This will be the second year I’ve offered the class, and hopefully I will be able to teach this year. Last year I didn’t get my class proposal in on time, and because I was listed late, I didn’t have enough registrations to hold the class.

So, this year I am on the ball, have all my ducks in a row, and assorted other odd metaphors of preparedness. My class is listed, and I am in the process of revising the handouts I developed last year. It’s nice having that chunk of the work already largely done.
I’ll be test teaching the class in September for my knitting group, and I’ll pull together an assortment of the socks I’ve knit for demo pieces. I may knit some new heel demo pieces – I’ve been wanting to do a heel sampler for a while, and this is a good excuse.

This is one of the socks I’ll probably take with me – if they’re not being worn. This is a pair of socks for Michael, in Trekking Hand Art, colorway Irland. My basic toe up sock formula, with a new bind off I’ve learned recently – the Russian bind off. This bind off makes an excellent very stretchy top for socks, and doesn’t need to be worked on larger needles, which makes my sock knitting life simpler. And simple is good. It’s simple bind off — K2, put the stitches back on to the left needle, K2Tog through the back loops. K1, repeat.

A green sock.
Russian Bind-Off on a sock.


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