Here and Now.

Summer Solstice is come and gone, and we have had a busy couple of months here.   A wedding at the end of May,  Bridget’s birthday, and all the bustle and fuss that goes along with adopting a dog.

The wedding was lovely, though the wedding knitting remains unfinished.  We made some friends in the brides family, and are looking forward to a calmer summer now that school is out.

The dog is happy, and has finished his first level of obedience training – we’re working Sue Ailsby’s Training Levels with him.   He is a fun and cute addition to the household, currently doing a pancake imitation next to one of the air conditioner vents.

I am not knitting much at all – a sock on the needles, and the wedding shawl to finish.  Then there is an afghan I should finish sometime.   It’s already been on the needles a year, so it isn’t exactly urgent.    I need to get my yarn and knitting area set up again – it’s currently packed up as part of the effort to dog proof the living room.   Now that the dog has learned the basics of “leave it” though,  I can think about unpacking.

The Bee is finished with school for the year, and likely for the next several years– we weren’t very happy with the charter school experience, and will return to traditional homeschooling this next year.

dasHusband is happy, well,   and grumbling about the house getting ready to go to work.  He always grumbles about the house when it’s time to go to work – he loves his job,  but he loves being at home too!

And so we are,   entering the summer happy and grumbling and be-dogged.


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