So far , so good.

Wedding Shawl


Today : A rainy grey afternoon, sitting in a rocker tucked under a warm blue blanket, knitting a piece of beautiful lace for the wedding of a good friend while my adorable dog snoozes quietly on his rug by the piano. Outside, my daughter plays, oblivious to the light rain, running back and forth with cups of full of tadpoles, all while wearing a blue velvet dress.

Details:  The lace is the ‘Lady’s Circular Cape’  from ‘Victorian Lace Today’,  being worked in Knitpicks Gloss Bare – 70/30 merino/silk,  with 3mm swarovski crystal pearls.   US 6, 4mm needles.    The dog is Tommy,  a 10 month old Shih Tzu/Peke mix.


4 thoughts on “So far , so good.

  1. Wow – BEAUTIFUL shawl and cute dog! There has to be a story behind the dog. We have been getting the story on the shawl all these months – now how about the scoop on the dog?

  2. Anna,

    The shawl is turning out goregus. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

    Tommy looks like he has adjusted well to his new home.

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