Simple Things Count.

Today I didn’t replace my can opener.   It had gotten very stiff and rusty and I was thinking about getting a new one,  but instead I fixed it.   A little spray of WD40  around the rusty teeth,  a few spins of the butterfly to work the lubricant in,  and then a good rub with a rag to remove the excess oil and rust.    I now have a good as new perfectly working can opener.

A butterfly can opener.

A butterfly can opener.

Simple things count – Celebrate Earth Day today!

grace note:  this kind of can opener is called a butterfly can opener  because of the shape of the handle.


3 thoughts on “Simple Things Count.

  1. I love that you re-used an already owned item instead of replacing it! I’m all about cutting back on my consumerism, too. For a lot of folks it’s not first nature to fix what we have, but all it takes is a little thought. Well done!

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