Lace Progress!

Getting close to done.  I’ve got nine more rows to go,  and the body of the shawl is finished!

Once the body is done,  I need to take a day or two,  and do a little swatching of the border,  to figure if I should put pearls in the border, and if so, where.    The last ten rows of the shawl aren’t beaded,  and I’m not sure if the border should be beaded or not, yet.

If I do decide to put pearls into the border,  I’ll need to get some more pearls – I only ordered 800,  and there are about 60 left.

I may also decide to bead the last ten rows — I’m spending a lot of time staring at pictures of the shawl, and the earlier swatches,  and trying to decide what would look best.   Probably I ‘ll  end up taking one of the earlier swatches of the pattern,  and knitting the border onto it,  and deciding after I get a look at that.


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