Lace progress.

I’ve finished the first – and largest – repair. There was some kind of mistake between the fourth and fifth beads down from the needle in one section — the center line of pearls had gone off crookedly, instead of staying neatly in the middle of the 18 YO’s per row, and the YO count was off as well. I picked up the row of stitches just above the fifth bead (I chose that row because it had no YO’s or K2Tog’s in it) and then dropped all the stitches in that section.

The I just knit the whole section back up again, carefully checking each row as I knit it, and replacing all the pearls. It looks pretty good.


There is some minor laddering on either side of the re-knit section, which I will work out with a crochet hook at some point here. That will make a nice mindless afternoon or car travel project one day.

And I still have one more mistake section to take out — I’m not sure how far back I’ll need to drop the second section – it has two errors in it — some wonky beads, and a couple of dropped stitches. I suspect that the dropped stitches are what caused the bead wonkiness – if so, they should be on the same row I pick up, or close to it. If not…. I’ll just have to drop back to which ever mistake is deeper in the shawl.


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