Some recent yarn.

This is what I’ve been spinning recently.  The yarn weights are guess-timates based on how the yarn looks and feels,  since I’ve lost my WPI tool.  I won’t be knitting anything with this stuff until I find it again.

4.85 oz superwash wool, which I got at the fiber fest this past October.  Purchased as dyed drumcarded roving   Lovely autumnal colors,  and I am very happy with the how the striping worked.   I pulled the roving into short strips,  then organized them into three roughly equal bunches, and sorted the bunches by shade.   So, each length of singles had approximately the same colors in the same order when I plied them.  The small skeins were navajo plied, for the same effect.   I like how it came out.   approx. 190 yards total, 3 ply, in three skeins.    There was a lot of waste with this fiber – it had a very felty feel to draft, and a lot of neps to take out.  dk to worsted.

From Em.

4.3 oz blended BFL, Wensleydale and colonial.  Purchased as dyed combed top, from CopperPot Woolies.   Beautiful blue purples,  which I kept together for a lovely blue-purple blended two ply.  I tried to spin this tight and thin,  for sock yarn.   approx. 230 yards.  Fingering to dk weight.

Blue purple.

200 yards of cormo x dorset romney wool.  Purchased as 8 oz of unwashed fleece.   Two skeins, 3ply.   Heavy worsted.

Cormo x Dorset


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