We’re doing something right.

I wasn’t really sure how much attention my daughter has been paying to the upcoming presidential election.  I know that my husband and I talk about it,  that we talk to her about it,  that whenever we here something particularly important or inane we take a moment to explain what it means to here, and why we think what we think about it.

But she is only eight,  and things like stuffed animals and getting to go visit Grandpop  are a lot higher on her daily conversation list then politics.

So I was caught off guard when my daughter turned to me  while I was listening to a panel discussion on race on NPR  and asked me,  “Mom,   what color is Obama?”

Momentarily stunned,  I sit here trying to organize my thoughts about how to talk about race and presidential politics.    While I wait,  the Bee gets impatient,  and asks again.

“Come on, Mom —  is he red or blue?”


2 thoughts on “We’re doing something right.

  1. What a wonderful story! I’m not one for gushing about the innocence of children, but when they are guile-less, they’re just amazing. Would that Bee’s question was THE colour issue!

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